Adding open graph tags to each post

Hi, community,

I’m trying to add custom open graph tags to each post, but I don’t have any idea of which path I can follow to achieve this goal. My first though was to embed these tags in the post component however I don’t know if this might works finely.

I really would like to find a nice way to accomplish this purpose. I looking forward for your comments.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @felipe.osrn,

You can use the <Head> component to add any metatags you want at any level

So, you should be able to add these open graph tags in the React component you’re using to render your posts

Hope this helps

Thanks a lot, that was so useful. Finally I could implement the open graph meta tags.

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Hey @felipe.osrn what are you working on? :nerd_face:

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Hi @Pablo. I’ve been working on a this website This website is a digital newspapers supported by college students.

As the majority of our posts are shared by social networks so I needed to implement open graph tags to each post. After all, I’ve achieved this using the component and testing it in the facebook open graph debugger.

Woo, really cool project :blush:

I’d be great if once you finish it you can share it with the community in the showcase. It’d be great if you could share your feedback as well, we are constantly improving Frontity to make it as easy to use as possible

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Sure. No problem. :+1:

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