Add support for hash links in `@frontity/tiny-router`


Add support for hash links in @frontity/tiny-router.


When we do actions.router.set('#some-div') the site should scroll to the div with that id.

Possible solution

I already started working on this. As soon as I have the implementation finished I’ll open a PR.

Thanks @orballo!

@luisherranz I have this on pause currently as the client that needed these changes told me they might not be necessary anymore, so I’m on hold.

If I remember right, I did some progress and finished the part for state.source.get() and state.source.fetch(). Do you want me to open a PR draft with that code in case somebody else wants to pick it up from there in case I cannot continue with it?

Oh, yes please :slightly_smiling_face: Open a PR and link it here.

@SantosGuillamot I guess we can move this back to “awaiting development”, right?

Yes, it makes sense. I have just changed it.

Here is the PR draft:

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