Add a "Pick a deployment target" step in the CLI

When creating a npx frontity create add a question like

? Pick a deployment target: (Use arrow keys)
❯ @now (recommended)
  none (will decide this later)

By choosing @now the system will create automatically the now.json we recommend in the docs

Adding this feature will simplify the first steps with Frontity

Nice one @juanma.

I’ve also been thinking about this, but my idea was to add it in npx frontity build because you may want to clone a project and deploy it in different hostings, or even create a npx frontity deploy command that does the whole process for you. In case of now, for example, it will:

  • Ask you about your app if you don’t have a now.json yet.
  • Create the now.json
  • Call now to do the deploy.

Other builders may do different things. For example, if we have a builder for AWS lambdas, we don’t need to add the lambda wrapper for everyone, we just adde it when people run npx frontity build specific for AWS.

I also thought it’d be nice to make it extensible, so the community can create they own build/deploy tools.

# Build frontity for now.
> npx frontity build @frontity/now

# Build frontity for AWS lambdas.
> npx frontity build @frontity/aws-lambda

# Custom build for a Pantheon, for example.
> npx frontity build @pantheon/frontity

@frontity/now, @frontity/aws-lambda and @pantheon/frontity would be npm packages with the commands to do the build/deploy. Any person could create a package. They could also accept arguments or be used programatically.

> npx frontity deploy @frontity/now --prod
import { build } from "frontity/commands";

  builder: "@frontity/now",
  options: {
    prod: true

Oh, we could implement your picker idea but in the build/deploy with the official frontity packages:

> npx frontity build
Pick a deployment target: (Use arrow keys)
  - now
  - aws-lambda
  - other (specify a builder package)
  - none (just a normal build)

For deploying with now you don’t need to launch the build step
Just doing now --prod (inside project’s folder) after npx frontity create my-project does the deployment

Yes but still need to create a now.json file and many other will be better handled with a build step, like AWS, Netlify, Firebase and so on. So it’d better to have a standar way to do things.

Maybe having both commands is the way to go, so you can do…

npx frontity build @frontity/now

to create your build


npx frontity deploy @frontity/now --prod

to create your build AND do the deploy

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