500 error when trying to fetch posts or go to blog page! Happening on two of my Frontity sites with no changes to code or Wordpress

I had a terrifying incident with my website occur a week ago where I accidentally permanently deleted ALL of my site’s files in FTP thanks to my rushed state + laggy older computer. Luckily my hosting company had a backup from just one day prior to the accident and was able to restore the files. But something strange happened when the site went back up.

At first everything seemed fine. I loaded the page, exhaled a sigh of relief, and worked on some other things. But the next day I went to my site and the page crashed. I saw that my component rendering the last 3 blog posts was the problem. Got a 500 error when trying to get the posts. So I took the blog cards component off the homepage and redeployed then went to work trying to fix the issue.

I noticed that not only was the blog cards not working but the /blog path wasn’t working either. It showed a 500 trying to get the posts and rendered a 404 page. I went into Wordpress Pages section and noticed that the usual text denoting the blog page wasn’t there although the homepage had the text saying it was the homepage. I set the blog page under Settings → Reading and the text came back next to my blog page, but nothing was fixed on my website.

I haven’t changed anything in my Frontity settings. I tell it what my homepage and postsPage are in there. (in state.source… “postsPage”: “/blog”, “homepage”: “/homepage”,).

The weirdest thing is that I have a bunch of custom post types and ACF custom fields and all of that is working perfectly fine. It’s just getting the posts! And the individual posts themselves are still working on my site if you know the link.

My site is albionridgedesigns.com, my Wordpress is at wptemplate.albionridgedesigns.com, and my repo (which I have temporarily made public) is on Github, the organization is Albion-Ridge-Designs and the repo is albion-ridge-designs. Appreciate any help, I’m stumped and really bummed by this.

Okay now I’m mad. My husband’s photography site which I also made with Frontity is exhibiting the same thing when I go to the blog page, a 500 error trying to fetch the posts. I noticed others have complained that even the Frontity example is giving 500s when trying to load posts. I was already feeling sketchy about making client websites in Frontity given that it’s not maintained anymore. Now I absolutely am feeling forced to move to Atlas by WPEngine because of the maintenance and support. It sucks but at least I learned now instead of a couple months from now…