1 video would help a lot

very cool but I’m trying to install and I can not, it would be great if I had only 1 video assisting us the most laymen who are not accustomed to the terminal.

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Good day.
We are very pleased that you show interest in Frontity.
What operating system are you using?

We will try to mount the video in the near future, maybe it will not be a masterpiece of video production, but the installation and configuration process will be clearly demonstrated in it.


Many thanks for your suggestion @smvmobi. I agree that a video would be really helpful. We should definitely work on making some videos soon.

@anatolikkk thanks a lot for your help. Please let us know if you need anything! :slight_smile:


OBS: - Sorry for the agreement of the sentences my friends are more Brasilaireo and I’m using google translator so you already know if there’s anything weird out there, forgive me … - (Hello guys, I’m very happy to receive the return of us to help us, ours I am so impolgado in learning to install the Frontity to improve the performance of my sites in wordpress that neither slept right, but unfortunately I could not … our this Frontity will be a find for us of the conditions to the WORDPRESS, …)
Hello, I have a vps in Contabo (https://contabo.com/) use Ubuntu system, with NGINX / EasyEngine installation to improve the performance of my wordpress sites.

I have done installation with angular and rectJS, in some courses that I have been doing, but even so, looking at the Frontity quick guide, I am confused, that nothing we are going to be sincere here I am completely lost !!!

I could not understand the installation as it works, I have to go the server and believe inside the folder of the domain install the node before and after the:
*** npx frontity create my-app && cd my-a

after this :
*** npx frontity dev
and then I believe I should send the wordpress theme I want to the | __ mars-theme /

Is this or not …
That’s why I’m finding it so confusing, I can not understand …

Well, please correct me, if I’m wrong …
-> But the Frontity I understood that after the installation of it I can work through the cms of the own wordpress, correct! without having to be creating by terminal with rect and JS, right, and so I will still have the benefit of json and react to make my site fast through REST / API, right is that ??

** For what a video was going to help a lot … grateful …