XML Sitemaps landing in WordPress Core

Realizing that Yoast sitemaps does not include ACF images in the sitemap - as the ACF Content Analysis for Yoast SEO does not crawl the app domain. I guess the domain should be changed earlier than when its outputting the link URLs.

Maybe there’s a better alternative than Yoast’s sitemaps, if they dont adjust their plugin more for going headless.

There is no information regarding sitemap in the documentations. Could someone from team please consider adding it?

Hi @Divaksh

Regarding this, we have created an issue to have a look at it and try to provide a better explanation on this → https://github.com/frontity/docs/issues/251

Feel free to comment on the issue to add any specific information you missed from the docs so we can take it into account when we work on this.

Thanks a lot for your feedback