Use Frontity with WooCommerce

Hi Team,

I am new to Frontity, I am planning to create React App for WooCommerce Store. Can anyone tell me where I can get documentation for WooCoomerce?

Thank you.

Hi @chandra10207

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Frontity doesn’t provide an official package to connect with WooCommerce yet (or indeed any other E-Commerce solution that works with WordPress). This is something we are really interested in working on but it may take a while until we do (because of some other priorities in our roadmap).

However, you can still integrate WooCommerce yourself, just as you would do in a NextJS or Gatsby app, using whatever tools you prefer on top of Frontity and React.

Some members of the community have already tried WooCommerce in their Frontity projects, here you have some forum threads that might be useful →

In addition, this is another good article on creating a React front end for WooCommerce that may help you with your project:

Hope this helps

I think it’s also worth mentioning the Proof of Concept that @David and @luisherranz did some weeks ago: WooCommerce Proof of Concept

It’s explains really well the current status of the WooCommerce APIs and what’s blocking us from starting working on an official package.