Tracking / Query parameters cause 404s?


I noticed I had a shoutout in the newsletter over the weekend :smile:

The link to the site had tracking parameters (?vero_id) appended which seem to break conditional rendering.


Is evaluated as a 404 page.

I’ve not been able to fix via redirects as Now seems to exclude query strings from their redirect options.

Is this something I can fix by manually fetching and cleaning the URL?

It’s not happening with a basic mars theme ( so I guess it must be something related to your custom handlers.

Could you please share them here so we can take a look?

It think it might be as I have a static homepage, I can reproduce the 404 with the mars theme viewing pages:

“state”: {
“source”: {
“api”: “”,
“homepage”: “/home/”,
“postsPage”: “/blog/”

I see, thanks. I’ll open an issue for this bug. Thanks @shaun.


Hi @shaun! This issue has already been closed and released :slightly_smiling_face: You may need to update Frontity in your web to solve the problem. Here you have the guide in case you have any questions.

Please let us know how it goes :blush:

Just applied updates. Issue fixed :grin: