Protected routes with Frontity


hello, I’m a beginner in frontity and I have a protected api I don’t know where to put the code to be able to make a protected route. Please can someone show all the necessary configuration

Hi @hugsaf2132

Which method/plugin are you using to protect the endpoints in Wordpress?
Are you using the JWT Authentication for WP REST API?

Good morning, first of all thanks for replying, I am using JSON Basic Authentication, with the postman I can authenticate and access the protected routes

Is this a plugin? Can you add a link to it?


I am creating a git repository now to be able to share my project.

I leave my link to the project that is on git.

HI @hugsaf2132,

Thanks for the info. I’m working on a proof-of-concept for this
I’ll be back to you once I have it done

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Hi thanks for answering, I have already managed to find a solution that I will put on git so that the whole community has access and give your opinion.


Great @hugsaf2132! :+1:

Let us know when the code is available so we can give you our feedback