How to install Frontity in AWS?

Hi, im new in this (node.js) but im trying to install the Frontity in AWS, i install Node.js using bitnami, and is running, i make que quick installation of frontity, but nothing happen in my IP.

I dont know what im doing wrong, or what is missing.

The documentation and videos usually are for Localhost, but nothing for AWS, if you help me, i promise i make a video (in spanish) how to install Frontity in AWS.


i Tried:


but, nothing happen.

Nobody can help me?

install wordpress normal to your web host for example use sub domain
and get the rest api link from that sub.mylink. com/wp-json/ and put this link on frontity.settings.js
check this tutorial

next step on development mode use build npx frontity build
docs.frontity. org/deployment

now you can deploy your webiste to any nodejs hosting and will show all data grap from sub .mylink .com to new link for example mylink. com

so now mylink. com is front end for your website and for admin area or wp dashboard

maybe should be stoped by roboto.txt

Thanks for the help, but didnt work in AWS :pensive:

Hello Let me know if you still need help regarding deploy frontity on aws. will guide you via team viewer



Hi, i will contact you.

Hi @mosamlife , i sent you a message to your website, please, contact me, im very interesting.


I just sent you a Message

I did not receive anything.