How frontity handle large data of database

Hi everybody,
I think frontity will be a good choice to use for WordPress.
But I think one thing is in the black box and I don’t know when the database of WordPress has a bunch of data is still a good way to use fronity.
Because as I understand frontity try to get hole of data from REST API of WordPress and handle it for using as a state.
So is it cause of impact of our performance and this need more resource (RAM, CPU)?
I am wondering if somebody answer my question.

I’m not absolutely sure but I think Frontity isn’t loading all results, but the number of posts that you define with the per_page parameter for post-types and taxonomies.


Hey @eng.jafari.m welcome to Frontity!

As @dominique says, Frontity doesn’t load the whole WordPress database at once. It populates the state in an efficient way based on the data needed for the page you are rendering.

I’m curious to know what made you understand that Frontity works in that way.


Frontity itself doesn’t handle large data from a database. It’s a framework for building React-based WordPress themes. Handling large data from a database is typically the responsibility of the backend server and database system used in your application. Frontity interacts with the backend to fetch and display data but doesn’t directly manage or handle large data sets. Get more details with Data Science Course in Pune