How do i add ads.txt to my frontity project?

I have a question, I want add another file .txt how to robots.txt

I haven’t a error, i don’t how

What file do you want to add? May we know the error you are seeing?

I want add more exactly ads.txt. I need that this file is at root and that it can be accessed.
I haven’t a error, just don´t show this file

When Frontity do it build, I need that add my other file ads.txt

Maybe we can add a /public folder to our Now builder. Let me explore it a bit.

Thanks, I stay tuned

have you been able to explore it?

Not yet, sorry @JmcGraphics. I hope I can do so later this week.

it’s ok, i’ll be try other form

Thanks for the PR @JmcGraphics :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

I’ve started a proper Feature Discussion for this. Let’s move the discussion there: Ads.txt

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