Frontity release: Twenty Twenty Frontity Theme (version 1.0)

We are happy to announce that we recently released the 1.0 version of the Twenty Twenty Frontity Theme!

:books: Read more about this theme on our blog.
:zap: Demo:

:sparkles: Highlighted features:

  • Accessibility Ready
  • Content Prefetch
  • Search
  • Pagination

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to finally include other features planned for this version, such as CSS transitions and infinite scrolling. These and other improvements have been already added to our roadmap. Any contributions are always welcome!

Special thanks to Segun Adebayo for porting this theme over to Frontity, and to Uche Jude, Michal Czaplinski, Luis Herranz, and Mario Santos for their work to release this 1.0 version!


For a new Frontity project

Create a new Frontity project with this command:

npx frontity create

You will be asked then to (1) enter a name for the project, and (2) pick a starter theme to clone. There you can select the @frontity/twentytwenty-theme.

For an existing Frontity project:

The first thing you must know it’s the name of the package that you’d like to install. In this case is @frontity/twentytwenty-theme.

Then, follow this guide of our docs to learn how to install a new package and add it to the frontity.settings.js file.

Theme settings

To learn more about the theme settings and how to configure them, please visit our documentation.

@frontity/[email protected]

Major Changes

Minor Changes

Patch Changes


Thank you @Reyes for keeping us up to date on the framework!