Frontity release: REST API - Head Tags plugin and package

We have just released the REST API - Head Tags WordPress plugin that adds all the tags in the <head> section of your website to the WordPress REST API responses, and @frontity/head-tags package to consume this data automatically.

This way, by just installing both of them, your SEO plugins like Yoast or All in One SEO Pack will work by default.

Special thanks to @David for his work on this! :raised_hands:

Installation guide

  1. Install the WordPress plugin in your WordPress. If you have questions on how to do so you can visit our docs.
  2. Install the Frontity package in the root of your project.
> npm install @frontity/head-tags
  1. Add the package name in frontity-settings.js .
"packages": [
  // other packages ...
  // other packages ...

That’s it! You don’t need to configure any settings. All your head tags will be automatically added.

If you have an existing project make sure your @frontity/wp-source package is at least on the 1.5.0 version. If not, update it using this command:
> npm install @frontity/[email protected]


Packages updates

Apart from the release of the new package, some minor changes have been made to the following packages.

:bulb: To keep Frontity and its packages updated, you can follow this guide of our documentation.



Major Changes

Patch Changes



Minor Changes

  • e887fa1 #242 Thanks @DAreRodz! - Change the name of entity types and add new ones:
    • Change PostType to PostEntity
    • Append Entity to all other entity types.
    • Add PostType and TaxonomyType for the objects that represent entity types. From WordPress, those types come from /wp/v2/types and wp/v2/taxonomies endpoints respectively.



Minor Changes



Minor Changes

  • 6ac389b #242 Thanks @DAreRodz! - Add a schema for post types and refactor populate. Use also the new types that come from @frontity/source .

Patch Changes


This is excellent! Congrats! Also a great idea to make this plugin because it means that normal wordpress devs looking to get REST API access for the SEO stuff maybe learn more about frontity from encountering this in the plugin repo.