Favicon is not showing in Frontity Embedded Mode

Favicon is not showing in Embedded mode.

Favicon is showing in sub-domain where the Frontity APP is hosted using vercel - https://babacric-news-frontity.babacric.in/

But when embedded into the main domain, the favicon is not showing - https://babacric.in/

Is anyone have any Idea or does anyone need any other information regarding this? Then please let me know in reply.

Finally, I solved the problem after 16 days of spying I got it :face_with_monocle: :joy:

Just upload the favicon.ico file in your WordPress root directly and it will work. OMG it was so easy.

You can see the result here - https://babacric.in/

Note- If the icon does not update, make sure to clear your CDN (Cloudflare) cache if any.