Error fetching from Wordpress

Hello Frontity,

I’m super excited and interested to build with Frontity, I’ve been fiddling with it since yesterday after JSNationLive, however, I got some error fetching from a Wordpress site I created.

The site is live and can be viewed at

I used the template to generate a free website with Wordpress hosting, made it public and also connected the endpoint to frontity.settings.js both on source API and frontity URL, still the site is not being fetched and I’m getting an ‘Oops! 404’

The frontity.settings.js config:
Config Pictures

The error I get when fetching data from ‘Home’:

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Hi @sayanmondal342

Welcome to the community. Great to hear that you’ve been inspired to try out Frontity after JS Nation Live.

The format of the URL for sites is different from self-hosted sites. The address that you need to add in frontity.settings.js is:

Replace your current api with that one and everything should work fine. If not let us know and we’ll dig further.

Good luck with your Frontity project, and we’d love to hear about anything you go on to build with it:

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That helped and now I can see my WordPress site on frontity, however it only gives me the basic posts and doesn’t import any kind of theme or pictures that were added on the WordPress site which is connected with frontity. Is there a fix for that?

Hi @sayanmondal342

Frontity doesn’t import the theme from WordPress. Instead it’s a framework for creating a theme with React. You use Frontity in place of the WordPress theme.

With regard to images, are you talking about featured images? If so then, if you’re using mars-theme, change the following settings in frontity.settings.js:

"featured": {
    "showOnList": true,
    "showOnPost": true

Hope this helps.