Documentation of @frontity/core

I think it’s worth @frontity/core have a section in the API Reference as any other package, even if it’s just to say…

  • It’s the core package of the Frontity framework. It contains babel & webpack configuration for Frontity projects
  • It will be added by default in any project created with frontity create (so you don’t need to worry about installing it)
  • It handles the generic namespace frontity that can be used in the frontity.settings.js to set values such as: url , description

In this way, any developer watching the package.json of any Frontity project will have a reference and will be able to understand the purpose of every NPM frontity package

Besides this the settings related to the frontity namespace will be properly explained here → Learning Curriculum: A Fronttiy Project · Issue #264 · frontity/docs · GitHub (I think this is the place that makes more sense for the user). This explanation will be a more generic and practical guide useful for most of the user (and no reference to the @frontity/core package is needed here)

But, from a more technical approach and from a reference point of view (and this is the purpose of as every package is associated to a namespace, I think it also makes sense explaining the generic frontity namespace set in the frontity.settings.js as part of the @frontity/core The Core packages section could include:

  • frontity package
  • @frontity/core package

What do you think? Does it makes sense adding a page to explain the purpose of the@frontity/core in the API Reference site taking into account the reasons explained above?

I think we could add a short note in the docs about @frontity/core covering your first two points, namely:

However, with respect to your last point:

This is currently true but I think it is can and should change) :sweat_smile:

As part of the work on Server Extensibility we should move the code that adds the state in the frontity namespace from the core package to the frontity package. As of right now (until Server Extensibility is merged) this code has to be in the core though.

Wondering if you have already thought about that change :point_up_2: @luisherranz :slightly_smiling_face:

No, but it is an interesting idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Another interesting fact about @frontity/core that could be included in that list is that it must not be added to the packages as a dependency.

It is a dependency of the project, so it must be included only to the root package.json. Only frontity needs to be added to the package.json of the packages.

Oks, so I think we’ll create a new documentation page for this @frontity/core with this information about the package