Api returns a promise

I’m trying to fetch data from the api and returns a promise does anyone know how to handle a response in frontity?

Hi @hugsaf2132

Could you provide a bit more info about your issue. Please see this post about the kind of information to include so that people can better help you: About the 🤗 Dev Talk & Questions category

Hi @hugsaf2132

Here you have a few guide of what promises are and how to work with them:

Hope this helps


Good afternoon, even following the promises I have some difficulty mainly in frontity. someone who could help me, I already left the link to my project

HI @hugsaf2132

Can you specify the problem you are having for fetching data ?

In the docs you have and example of how to use fetch in a React Component and an explanation of each step

import React, { useEffect } from "react";
import { connect } from "frontity";

// In a React component that uses "connect":
const CategoryNature = ({ state, actions }) => {
  // 1. fetch data related to a path
  // With this useEffect we make the call to fetch
  // only the first time the component is rendered.
  // When the data is fetched, the state is updated with the new data
  // so the component is re-rendered and "data" will get proper content

  useEffect(() => {
  }, []);

  // 2. get data from frontity state
  const data = state.source.get("/category/nature/");

  // 3. get entities from frontity state
  if (data.isCategory) {
    // the category entity
    const category = state.source.category[data.id];

    // posts from that category
    const posts = data.items.map(({ type, id }) => state.source[type][id]);

    // 4. render!
    return (
        {posts.map((p) => (
          <a href={p.link}>{p.title.rendered}</a>

  return null;

export default connect(CategoryNature);