About the 🎬 Showcases category

Have you created a project with Frontity? It could be a website for a client or just your personal site. Either way, share your work here so that others can learn and see what can be accomplished with Frontity. Sometimes, an example is worth a thousand words. :slight_smile:

There are many other reasons for you as a developer to share what you have built with Frontity. Here are some of them.

These are some ideas for you to share in this category:

  • Brief explanation of what you have built
  • Source code of your project (if available)
  • Link to a demo
  • Link to the npm package
  • Feedback on your experience with Frontity
  • Screenshots / Images
  • Any related link that might interest the rest of the community

Looking forward to seeing your Frontity projects!

Awesome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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