How to find great topics for WordPress related blog

Hello Everyone!
I am a newbie and have been attending local meetups from this January which have inspired me to start my WP blogs along with WordPress services.
But, i am having trouble with finding great topics for my blogs!
So, how do you find topics for your blog?


HI @donnamackey83,

Welcome to the community! :wave:

Maybe these projects made with Frontity may inspire you

Hi @donnamackey83! Welcome!

Do you mean in terms of content?

As Juanma suggested you can take a look at the projects that people are building with Frontity to get some inspiration. Also, it will depend on the the goals of your blog (if you’re going to use it as a content strategy to help promote your brand/WordPress services or just for personal use) and your audience.

Thank for the welcome and design inspiration :blush:
i would definitely try them for my projects and then will pitch to my clients

Yes, i am asking in terms of the content, i am developer and content curation takes my time. For example i wrote this WooCommece Vs Shopify Guide ( last year then updated it again in April.
Any further tips for make it more engaging for readers ?

Thank You :blush: